A sustainable and bioclimatic house is the one that is adequate to the site; the resources of the area both material and human resources. It is the one that adapts to cultural local needs and seeks to recover traditional techniques.

“Developing countries housing crisis can only be faced using locally available materials and self-help house building” Gernot Minke


One of the main points is the location of housing and its orientation in the ground to make the most of local resources. In our case, we need a home that can collect the sun’s heat in winter and stay cool during hot summer days.

Therefore we seek a north or northwest orientation (being in the southern hemisphere), with large windows and an appropriate roof cantilever (overhang).

Materials and techniques

After months of research and exchange of experience with local people, we decided to build the walls with straw and earth as main materials (with formwork technique).

These materials and techniques have many advantages:

In physical terms, they have great strength and thermal insulation.
They are locally accessible materials for which there are local builders who can work it and teach how to do it in order to build a self-help house.

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