Our vision

Our idea is to build a green, sustainable, affordable home, which can be a model for the construction of community housing.

Solutions already exist, they are out there, and we want to bring together various sustainable technologies and practices into one place: in a house that can be visited and serve as an inspiration for better housing. We believe in the open-source diffusion potential, and about the importance of knowledge sharing in order to build a more sustainable world. All the information gathered during the project will be shared for free in different ways: one final catalog explaining every decision taken, several practical construction guide sheets, and short films (all under CC license).

In EcoCasa Suyana we look for a paradigm shift, a transition in which everyone can learn and improve their life with:

  • being as autonomous as possible (in terms of food and energy
  • minimizing the impact on the environment (and others)
  • taking time to share and grow responsibly

    Who said “ambitious”?